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Conference on Ozone in Medicine

Call for Papers

Conference on Ozone in Medicine and Environment & Health

Friday, 14th and Saturday, 15th September 2001
London (UK)

Ladies and Gentlemen

The International Ozone Association has the pleasure to announce the Conference on Ozone in Medicine and Environment & Health to be held in London (UK) on Friday, 14th and Saturday 15th September 2001. This conference will take place during the 15th Ozone World Congress and Exhibition at the Imperial College of Science, Technology and Medicine.


Proposed topics

The 15th Ozone World Congress includes topics like the generation of ozone, applications of ozone in water treatment (drinking water, wastewater, process water etc,), advanced oxidations, UV-applications, ozone in food industries and ozone in the atmosphere. Special emphasis will be given to the conference on Ozone in Medicine and Environment & Health. This conference will include

Preventive Medicine
Environment & Health
Research on Biological Systems
Internal Medicine
Scientific Programme Committee

Dr.med.A. Balkanyi, Switzerland
Prof.Dr.med.V. Bocci, Italy
Prof.Dr.med.Z.Fahmy, Germany
Dr.med.dent.A.Filippi, Switzerland
Prof.Dr.med. F.J. Kelly, United Kingdom
Dr.med.J.Jackl, Austria
Prof.Dr.med.Dr.h.c. H.G.Knoch, Germany
Dr.med. PhD N. KЭnzli, Switzerland
Dr.med.vet.S.Schulz, Germany

Preliminary Programme

Friday, 14th September

Scientific Conference
Saturday, 15th September

Scientific Conference and Poster Session
Workshop and practical courses
Submission of Abstracts

Authors wishing to present a paper are invited to send an abstract containing max 500 words, in English to the following address by December 15, 2000. You are kindly requested to indicate for which topic (s) the abstract is intended.

International Ozone Association
International Co-Ordinating Office
York Road, Burgess Hill
West Sussex RH15 9TU, UK
Tel: + 44 1444 248 322
Fax: + 44 1444 230 431
e-mail: [Ссылки доступны только зарегистрированным пользователям ]

Papers accepted on the basis of the abstract (as lecturer or for Posters) are to be notified in January 2001.

Dr.rer.nat.R.Viebahn-HДnsler, Germany

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